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When you are buying, selling or building a community, you can depend on Rennie to deliver exceptional service. For more than 40 years, we have been bringing expert knowledge, trusted experience and a uniquely human approach to our real estate practice.

We see real estate as a means to build better communities and improve lives. We have been leaders in the field for more than 40 years because we consistently put people and relationships first. Bob Rennie began his career as a realtor and established himself by giving each client the same care and attention he would give his family and friends. Early on, his signature was handwritten thank-you notes and his hallmark was uncompromising work ethic. Today, with over 200 individuals, we still operate under the same philosophy—building our business with trust, knowledge, and a personal touch.

Rennie Marketing Systems

Rennie Marketing Systems

Our Services

Real Estate Services
We are more than real estate agents—we are trusted Advisors. We work alongside our clients, sharing knowledge and expertise, and consistently achieving record results. As a full-service brokerage, we help you navigate the market by building lasting relationships. We tailor our services around your interests, lifestyle and aspirations. We determine your long-term goals in a home, community or investment, and develop a tailored strategy based on comprehensive market intelligence.

Developer Services
For more than four decades, we have partnered with Western Canada’s top developers, helping them achieve and surpass their goals. We work with Acquisition, Development, Finance and Marketing teams, seamlessly delivering products and sales that build our clients’ brands and ensure their continued success.

Advisory Services
We partner with individuals, organizations and institutions to help maximize the potential of their real estate portfolios. Our clients benefit from our diverse team of real estate experts and a dedicated Intelligence division who work to understand emerging market insights. We work with clients to develop strategies from start to finish—compiling the latest demographic, economic and development data, translating it into actionable knowledge, and using these insights to develop strategic plans that help our clients achieve their goals.

We are a rare combination of experience, knowledge and deep dedication to service—this is the most real estate expertise you will find in one place. We collaborate and complement each other’s strengths—coming together as a team to achieve outstanding results and ensure our clients’ ongoing success in the real estate market.

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