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As a fully integrated real estate marketing group, Propel collaborates with boutique developers in Greater Vancouver to achieve sales results that surpass expectations. We pride ourselves on being nimble – our actions are designed and deliberate, yet fluid to account for shifts in the project or the market. The boutique nature of our company allows us to adapt to client needs. We have accumulated more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience, with projects ranging from small collections of townhomes to large-scale condominium developments. As a result, we have fostered meaningful connections within the development and real estate community. Our singular goal for every project is to achieve a sold-out community by testing the upper limits of market pricing and consistently offering an exceptional home-buying experience.

Propel Project Marketing Group

Propel Project Marketing Group

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Our approach is influenced by one of our greatest strengths – agility. With the flexibility to maneuver based on our clients’ goals, we are able to set new standards for how buyers engage with a project. We are keen to set trends, rather than follow them. Quality reigns over quantity, which is consistently practiced thanks to our cultivated network of partners. From early acquisition to post-sales service, we uphold a keen eye for detail and well-articulated communication. We take our responsibilities seriously, and operate with integrity to vault our clients to the heights of success.

We create the unique sales and marketing systems and structure that support client projects through to completion

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