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We believe every development should experience opening day line-ups and record setting sales volume, regardless of market conditions or geographic area. If you are developing a multi-family project, call us and we can show you how our approach to design, marketing and sales will increase your project’s value and generate incredible results.

Our objective, on each and every project, is to increase its value through design, and then sell-out on launch day.

Pretty big statement, but having sold-out 24 buildings in 24 single day events, with dozens more selling 70% or higher on opening day and breaking price records in every market we enter… we walk the talk.

We understand buyer-trending, and that today’s product won’t fit tomorrow’s buyer, so we start with design and architecturally matching your product with the projected buyers, then position each development as different and highly desirable. We know how to generate interest, word of mouth and results… and it doesn’t come from a sign or an ad in the paper…

Pilothouse’s recreational and residential success throughout Western Canada, California, Hawaii and Mexico, and our offices and Agents throughout British Columbia and Asia, mean our clients achieve wide-reaching local and international exposure and explosive results.

Pilothouse Project Marketing

Pilothouse Project Marketing

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Development Differentiators
Pilothouse identifies key market directions that influence your next buyers

We begin by identifying market direction, available and hidden buyer groups, what they qualify for, want, and ultimately, what they will purchase; then design your homes for the intended buyers to maximize your value and create marketing that intensifies demand.

Buyer-trending, architectural market matching, marketing and positioning, all combine to generate intense buyer attraction and our record-breaking sales results. If you want your product to match the buyer-markets and to stand out head and shoulders above the competitive noise…you need Pilothouse Project Marketing.

Are you designing the correct product for tomorrow’s buyer?

Buyer needs continually change, and determining tomorrow’s product design is a challenging task. Mistakes are costly and missing the mark on utility or suite size by as little as 40 square feet… and the price paid is a disaster

Architectural market matching is a development’s strongest advantage. Pilothouse uses forecasting, and buyer-trending to uncover the intended audience and we match your future product design with what buyers want, need, and will qualify for “when” your development enters the market.

Before you invest hundreds of thousands of marketing dollars into acquiring new prospects, it’s best to design the product they will want. Pilothouse turns product design into the development’s greatest strength and the key element of your success. In every competitive environment, great design sells and, understanding what your future buyers consider “Great design” is what Pilothouse is most passionate about.

Want Prospects? Hire Pilothouse

Telling your story to everyone is expensive…so why not let everyone do the talking for you…

Be big bold and indifferent to criticism. Set new paths and create a little controversy. That’s the advice you’ll get from us…and it’s exactly what we will do.

At Pilothouse, our focus is to attain earned attention. To accomplish this we focus on the combination of astonishment, entertainment and attention-procurement. Wide spread word of mouth spontaneous marketing combustion viral communication …. involuntary word of mouth

Pilothouse relates your development to the buyers in ways that entertains and entices; From 3-Dimensional advertising; to our full-size projections of floor plans and In-Real-Theater; to internet broadcasting of actors living in a full-sized “glass-walled” show suites, built in a local shopping mall; to holographic sales centers and viral social media campaigns; our strategies “out demand” attention ten to one compared to traditional marketing by generating word of mouth to deliver mass numbers of prospects and purchasers. Building buyer anticipation before marketing and advertising begin is our secret weapon and understanding how to harness ‘earned attention is what makes Pilothouse so different.

Buyer anticipation means better sales results

More prospects, greater brand awareness, better quality purchasers and

Buyer anticipation is tragically undervalued. Putting an ad in the paper and a sign on the site saying “register now” is as creative as blaming the market when the product doesn’t sell.

All great product deserves great marketing, and creating positive anticipation of your development starts well before ads and signage. We believe that pre-marketing is an absolute key in creating positive buyer anticipation. And, positioning our developments through social, digital, and earned media and leveraging Guerilla tactics…before entering the market… is paramount to your development’s ultimate sales success.

Buyer-behavioral-based marketing delivers positive buyer anticipation. It is what inspires Pilothouse to never repeat a campaign, always seek new ways to present to our audience, and it’s what inspires us the most.

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