OMG - Optimum Marketing Group: A Real Estate Marketing Company

Our sales and marketing team put clients at the frontier of everything we do. We get your projects sold in the shortest time possibly imagined. Optimum Marketing Group achieves results efficiently and effectively, showcasing your projects on the international market and targeted audience around the globe.

Our philosophy is to provide exceptional service every single time. Our enthusiasm, experience, creativity and innovative approach ensure continual success in all current and future projects.

OMG - Optimum Marketing Group

OMG - Optimum Marketing Group

About Us

Our values remind us of who we are and how we work. Passion, professionalism, openness and commitment form the pillars and guiding principles that shape our firm. They drive every action we take and every decision we make.

We aim to transform city living with our contagious passion. You can see it being reflected in all of the work we have done and all of the professional relationships we have nurtured.

We are committed to delivering positive results. We are also 100% committed to getting projects sold by capturing the essence of a project and connecting the right community to the neighbourhood. We work with developers to advance new and sustainable strategies.

OMG encourages discussions and dialogues with everyone we partner with. Blessed with the gift of humility, our team has a strong willingness to listen and to learn. We are open to new concepts and ideas that improve the livability of our buildings.

We foster a professional environment that allows for the sustained growth of our employees. We strive to surpass ourselves on a regular basis.

About Us
As a boutique real estate development sales & marketing company, OMG creates inspiring and engaging campaigns. Our strength in strategic thinking and creative execution enable us to market multi-facet residential projects across the Lower Mainland.

As a developer, your creation is like a personal statement. Our focus is to create one-of-a-kind strategies and integrating unforgettable details into your forward-thinking real estate projects.

For every real estate project, we assemble some of the finest realtors, marketing specialists and creative vendors in the Lower Mainland to collaborate together with us. Earning your utmost confidence is our goal in every project we do.

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