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MLA Canada, McNeill Lalonde & Associates, is the unification of two real estate powerhouses – MAC Marketing Solutions and BLVD Marketing Group. As separate entities, the companies were established as market leaders, offering distinctive real estate services to developers. Together, as Western Canada’s most comprehensive real estate sales and marketing company, we are poised to redefine the industry with more robust services, markets, and systems for the betterment of clients. Specialized service models are offered for every product type, from single-family up to large, mixed-use, masterplan communities, while adherence to a structured development lifecycle ensures project success from beginning to end. Within MLA Canada, we offer MLA Advisory Services to help move your project forward. We embrace technology, progressive methodology, and in-depth forecasting. With a collaborative attitude and commitment to our clients, we transform programs and fuel sales.

MLA Canada

MLA Canada

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Confidently understanding the environment you operate in places your development at an advantage. We undertake an in-depth investigation of external data, such as market trends, absorptions, and pricing. Our exploration spans from macro and micro trends and market transaction values to a full competitive absorption summary and demand analysis.

Creating a product that will appeal to the marketplace rests on the alignment of several variables. Once an optimal location has been selected, we begin a successful product design initiative by tapping into our market intelligence and defining the target market. This in turn is the foundation that will influence product types, unit mix planning, designing for utility, livability, overall aesthetic, and sales results.

A strategic pricing analysis is conducted by drawing from comparables and evaluating market forecasts and complex proforma statements. Our goal is to compose a multi-faceted pricing position that will deliver tremendous value and results, maximizing our clients’ objectives including revenue and absorptions. MLA Advisory’s analytical aptitude will uncover solutions to any pricing challenge.

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