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The purpose of Key and everyone that works here is goal attainment.

We help each other achieve our goals both personally and professionally. This unifies and aligns our team.

So now we have a team of people united behind a clear purpose of goal attainment.

We just happen to be in the business of goal attainment.

Our clients’ goals are everything to us. We work with developers to make goals clear, measurable, attainable and challenging. Developers love having a purpose-driven team of goal-oriented, high performers passionately focused on attaining their goals.

Key Marketing

Key Marketing

Our Services

From finding good development sites to delivering happy buyers at completion. And everything in between.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Highest & Best Use Planning
  • Rezoning Assistance
  • Product Design Optimization
  • Strategy Development
  • Marketing
  • Cost Controls
  • Realtor® Relationships
  • Home Sales
  • Commercial Sales & Leasing
  • Best Service Guaranteed
  • Contract Administration
  • Customer Care
  • Project Sales & Marketing Audit

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