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Evermark offers a full suite of real estate marketing services for boutique real estate developers. Lead by noted Vancouver real estate marketing professionals Fred Zhang and Simon Chang, Evermark’s team possess decades of experience working with clients on significant and sophisticated real estate projects internationally.

Evermark was created to provide boutique developers with a complete set of solutions to help bring their projects to the market profitably. Led by Fred Zhang and Simon Chang, Evermark’s team possesses decades of experience working with a vast range of clients on significant and sophisticated real estate projects and developments from all angles.

Evermark Projects

Evermark Projects

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360-degree services for developers

Successful real estate marketing requires an impressive array of skills. With decades of experience, the Evermark team possesses deep expertise and insights, and partner with the very best professionals in relevant fields to ensure a complete suite of services delivered to the highest level. When you succeed, we succeed.

Product Initiation
In order to succeed, a new development demands accurate, detailed and timely data. The slightest oversight can mean the difference between profitability and failure. Well before a project begins, the Evermark team provides detailed market insights and shares the latest knowledge about the state of the market, buyers and potential competition. We build a strong foundation of insights and analytics to guide decision-making from product initiation onwards.

Product Design
A new development must compliment its surrounding neighbourhood while reflecting current tastes. It should accommodate client preferences but still be timeless. With decades of experience in Vancouver real estate, we stay current with the tides of fashion to help you craft a development tailored for today’s marketplace—and tomorrows. We partner with exceptional architecture, design, engineering and construction talent who are fluent in local regulations and environmental considerations. The result is a robust product design that delivers to your specific objectives, and beyond.

Marketing & Communications
With a rock solid foundation of knowledge and a carefully planned strategy, it’s time to introduce the product to the marketplace. By conducting smart initiation and product design phases, we can focus on accuracy, honesty and integrity with our marketing and communications. Everything from the name to the logo to the colours to the site signage. We craft engaging and inspiring stories, advertising and communications materials that reflect your vision and goals, spark the public’s imagination and attract media attention.

Event Management
One of the keys to crafting successful new developments involves hosting events and product launches that are organized and elegant, reflecting your careful attention to detail. One false step can give potential buyers and sales agents a negative impression of you and your company, which can be an obstacle in meeting your objectives. Our track record of successful event management illustrates our expertise in this area. We adhere to the highest standards in everything we do, from the spaces we select to the smallest details—and it shows.

Once a new development has been designed, and the branding and storytelling have drawn interest from customers, it is time to sell. Obviously, this is a critical stage in the process. With decades of combined experience and a track record among the nation’s top industry professionals, the team at Evermark is adept at creating the optimal sales environment.

Customer Support
With all the energy put into product preparation and sales, some real estate marketing companies fall short on customer support. Not Evermark. We recognize that having lifelong satisfied clients is not just good business, it’s the right thing to do.

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