Crosstown Marketing Group at Sutton Centre Realty: A Real Estate Marketing Company

What makes Crosstown Marketing Group different from other real estate teams is our approach to marketing homes and our customer service beliefs. We develop custom marketing plans for each client which includes buyer profiling, product preparation, pricing strategy and detailed communication plans. Crosstown Marketing Group believes in constant customer communication and updates – our clients are always in the know!

With us working on your behalf, you will quickly see results.

Crosstown Marketing Group at Sutton Centre Realty

Crosstown Marketing Group at Sutton Centre Realty

Our Services

Seller Services
Have you outgrown your current home? Or maybe your current home has outgrown you? Ready to unlock the money you’ve made from your investment?

Whether your job has changed or you are just ready for something new, we are here to help!

Usually people don’t know where to start when considering a move, but that’s where we come in. The very beginning is the best place for us to start talking. We work with our sellers every step of the way, from the initial meeting, to home presentation recommendations and staging, through custom marketing plans, video production, advertising campaigns, showings, all the way to strongly negotiating on your behalf. Every step will be mapped out for you so you know what is coming next.

Buyer Services
Are you purchasing your first home? Relocating from out of town? Ready for something larger?

All of these reasons for buying real estate come with a million questions around process and planning and we are here to help you navigate the local real estate maze. There is no reason for you to go it alone when you have access to professional buyers agents who represent you and only your interests!

Finding a home you love starts with an initial consult where we will talk to you about what you are looking for in a home, review what the process and the paperwork looks like, as well as what costs are associated with your purchase outside of the purchase price. We like to make sure you have all of the information up front before the search begins so there are no surprises along the way.

Investor Services
Are you ready to take your investment portfolio to a new level with Real Estate? Do you want to put the equity in your home to work for you?

Whether you want to access the equity in your home to ensure a comfortable retirement or give your kids a start in the market, we have the experience you need to use Real Estate to build a financial plan that reflects your goals.

We begin by meeting with you to learn about your goals and current assets. After that we get to work building your wealth plan.

Developer Services
Are you looking for a different marketing alternative? Do you have questions about what the market will pay more for? Wondering what a small team approach can offer versus a larger marketing company?

Whether you are looking for advice pre-build or looking to execute quickly on leftover inventory, Crosstown Marketing Group is the hardworking team you need. With years of marketing expertise pulled from outside the industry coupled with years inside the real estate industry, we approach each project with sound principles to ensure marketing and sales success.

No project is the same and should not get treated that way. We use our Signature Marketing System as a foundation from which to create a custom marketing plan.

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