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Located in the central region of British Columbia's Lower Mainland, Coquitlam has a booming real estate market that has grown since its incorporation in 1992. Coquitlam developed to be an active community with 148,625 residents, according to the 2021 census. Since North Road was built in the middle of the 1800s, Coquitlam—which was first known as a "place-in-between" and since that time it has grown into a diversified city that combines an abundance of natural beauty, industrial strength, and residential charm.

It has evolved into an attractive destination for investors and homebuyers over time, providing a wide variety of real estate options, including new housing developments, presale condos, and new townhome developments. For those wishing to purchase, sell, or invest in real estate, Coquitlam offers an alluring option because of its rich history, lively communities, and strong market trends.


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Coquitlam is the sixth largest city in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. In 1808 Simon Fraser explored this region. It is located on the North Bank of Fraser River between Burnaby and New Westminster to Port Coquitlam and Pitt Meadows to the east. From its rich history to vibrant neighborhoods, Coquitlam has turned into a dynamic hub for new home buyers and investors offering opportunities within its real estate landscape.

Its real estate market is characterized by a diverse array of housing options no matter what you are looking for. The terrain of the city is varied and includes the lower slopes of the Eagle and Burke Mountains, which have peaks as high as 1,600 meters.

Residents benefit from breathtaking natural landscapes and a wealth of outdoor recreation options due to this geographic diversity. Coquitlam’s geographical shape is thought to be that of a tilted hourglass. It is becoming a popular destination for businesses as investments in public projects as well as private sector developments are increasing.

The perfect location of Coquitlam is situated in the very center of the Lower Mainland. With just a 40-minute drive to downtown Vancouver, you'll have easy access to all the exciting opportunities this vibrant city has to offer. Coquitlam is a popular choice for individuals and families wishing to settle in British Columbia because of its advantageous location, vibrant community, and bright future.

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver officially defined 23 neighborhoods of Coquitlam. The historic heart of the city, which includes Southwest Coquitlam, is home to communities like Maillardville and Austin Heights, which are distinguished by the gradual transition from older, smaller homes to newer, larger ones. The region's recreational attractiveness is bolstered by features like Mundy Park and Como Lake. Known as a "Regional Town Centre," Coquitlam Town Centre is a center for office space, residential high-rises, and cultural institutions.

Westwood Plateau and Burke Mountain are examples of more recent urban development regions. Urban development has shifted toward Burke Mountain and Burquitlam because of the Evergreen Extension of the SkyTrain system, indicating the continuous evolution and growth of Coquitlam's terrain.

Coquitlam's real estate market has recently revealed a diverse environment, with a broad selection of home alternatives geared to various preferences and budgets. As prospective homebuyers and investors explore the market, they will discover a diverse residential property landscape that includes detached homes, townhomes, and condominiums. Notably, detached homes entered a balanced market in 2024, marking a shift away from the earlier heated conditions found in the broader BC real estate sector.

Average sold prices in Coquitlam have fluctuated regularly, reflecting adjustments driven by factors such as the types of properties sold and their relative demand in the present Greater Vancouver economic situation.

It is critical for people considering market involvement to understand the most active price ranges and demand variations across different home types. Certain segments may have a larger percentage of sales, indicating a more competitive market, whereas luxury homes may have a lower sales rate.

Builders in Coquitlam play an important part in establishing the city's real estate environment, helping it grow and thrive. These builders oversee the creation of a variety of residential properties, such as new townhouses, new single-family homes, and condominiums, to meet the different demands and preferences of residents. Builders in Coquitlam use their building and design knowledge to produce high-quality houses that satisfy modern comfort, functionality, and environmental criteria.

Coquitlam Builders are known for their dedication to excellence and innovation in construction processes. They hire qualified architects, engineers, and artisans to ensure that all projects meet high-quality standards and follow local building norms and regulations. From conception to completion, builders in Coquitlam collaborate closely with developers, designers, and other stakeholders.

As of March 2024, Coquitlam's real estate market is resilient and active, with key insights indicating both opportunities and trends for potential buyers and investors. The average price in Coquitlam is $1,103,337, showing a stable market.

The average house price in Coquitlam is $1,103,337, showing a stable market with consistent demand. With 403 new properties entering the market in the last 28 days, there is a good selection for prospective buyers to browse. Furthermore, the median day on the market is currently 17 days, indicating a fast-paced environment in which properties are sold efficiently.

Over the last month, 177 houses have been sold in Coquitlam, indicating steady buyer activity and market participation. The 100% selling-to-listing price ratio indicates that properties are typically sold for near to their quoted values, demonstrating a balanced bargaining dynamic between buyers and sellers.

Coquitlam ranks highly in many market rankings across Greater Vancouver. It ranks ninth in terms of average property prices, making it one of the most expensive markets in the region. Furthermore, Coquitlam is ranked sixth in terms of fastest-growing markets, suggesting its appeal to both residents and investors looking for growth prospects.

Furthermore, it ranks seventh in terms of fastest-selling markets and sixth in terms of highest turnover, highlighting the city's vibrant real estate scene, which is marked by active market involvement and transactional velocity.