Design Tips for a Fresher Looking Home in 2021

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Giving your home a fresh new makeover can be the perfect way to start the new year. Redesigning a space can be an exciting new project, but with so many ideas and inspirations, it can take some planning. No matter how small or large space is, the key is to get started early and find the perfect style which will suit your home.

If you are redesigning for their home’s resale value, homeowners who make strategic updates can ensure they get the most bang for their buck. Even if you don’t plan on immediately selling your home after renovations, it is important to be thoughtful while planning the remodel. Choosing materials and designs which are too personalized could turn down future buyers and selecting too many trendy modifications could make your home feel dated too quickly.

1. Change the Colours

Choose the Colour of the House to Look Fresh

While whites, blacks and greys are a popular and consistent choice, replacing these with warmer tones or pops of colour can immediately switch up the feel of a space. Warmer tones of grey have also become incredibly popular, with dove grey being a particular favourite and even warm oranges such as a warm terracotta.

As for pops of colours, adding in more vibrant hues like yellow, blue, and green and be a great choice. It is important to be careful, however, as adding too much colour can overpower a space even with good intent. Look for tones which blend well with the pre-existing colours you have in the same room.

2. Give the Kitchen a New Look

Redesign the Kitchen

When remodelling the kitchen, you don’t have to immediately start with the cabinets, countertops, or appliances, even though they can drastically change a space, starting off by replacing finer details can still achieve a big effect. Try incorporating vintage or unique pieces and don’t be afraid to mix metals. Not only is it a way to save money but it can also add some character and uniqueness to your home. A great way to start is by choosing one main metal to dominate throughout your home which works with the pre-existing palette.  For a warm colour palette, switch up cabinet and drawer handle to brass or copper and for cool palettes, change fixtures such as faucets to a cool-toned metal like stainless steel.

Instead of committing to a completely white kitchen, add a bit of flavour by choosing some cabinets to be alternative neutrals or even colour if it suits the space. Another popular option for kitchen cabinets is to stain the wood to a warm brown or cool grey. Two-tone kitchens also remain a favourite which can be achieved by painting bottom cabinets a darker tone and the upper ones a cooler tone in the same colour palate.

For a completely new look, swap the appliances for more up to date and modern pieces which are still practical for your space, such as a smart fridge which not only just looks appealing but also adds value to a home. Another option is to replace regular closed-door storage space with open shelving options. It’s a cost-effective modification which also makes a tight space feel larger, brighter, and less crowded. If you’re not willing to give up all closed-door storage, try replacing just a few shelves, which can still achieve the updated look.

3. Add Statement Pieces

Add Statement Pieces in Your House

A great way to renovate a space in a short amount of time is to add accent/statement pieces. With its rising popularity, more homeowners are preferring to switch the monotonous white subway tile to more unique options which include rough textures and finishes, brighter colours, and alternative shapes. Shapes such as hexagons, diamonds and arabesques are becoming increasingly popular. Incorporating larger pieces of natural stone including different styles of marble and quartz can be expensive but are a beautiful touch.

Another element taking the center stage is statement ceilings. Many designers are taking advantage of using bold paint colours, unique wallpaper prints, detailed mouldings, and other materials to increase a home’s value. If those changes are too bold for your taste or space, try choosing a more classical design such as wooden beams or simple tiles for a more timeless look. Even painting ceilings, a contrast colour to your walls instead of white can transform a space and make it more modern.


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