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From green space to thoughtful design, quality materials and genuine expertise, everything we do always comes back to intelligent living.



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Intelligent living is built into everything we do. Here are some of the principal philosophies that make us who we are.

We have over 20 years of real estate experience and have a proven track record of quality products and success stories. Our experience in building custom homes and residential multi-family homes means you can relax knowing that your new space is in good hands.

We pay careful attention to all the details, layout, flow and proportions, and celebrate the unique character of every home we build.

We’re a locally-owned and locally-operated company who takes pride in building the best product possible. Our in-house construction team uses local materials and works with local companies to make sure every project is built with the care and attention to detail we would want for our own home.

As a local company with real hands-on experience, you can trust that you are getting the best product. We go out of our way to maintain a good relationship with customers so that you know we have your best interest in mind.

Building a property isn’t just about the physical space, it’s about being involved in that community as well. We support local charities and sports teams in the communities where our properties are located. Community also extends to the design of shared public spaces that encourage a feeling of community at home.

Whether you want to be in the heart of a bustling community, or have a little more privacy, we build communities to suit both. Careful attention is paid to include outdoor spaces and proximity to amenities to match the lifestyle of every home owner.

We look for the most effective uses of space to provide homeowners with the most functionality in a new home. From integration of wire management systems for home entertainment to a forward-thinking recycling centre, innovation is top of mind with everything we do.

Your investment goes a long way when you buy your home with Zenterra. Value-based engineering means you get the best home possible without breaking the bank.

We pride ourselves on building homes that people truly want to live in, and our hard work has been recognized by industry awards, time and time again.

Holistic Approach
From development to marketing, construction, design, and sales, every aspect of your new home with Zenterra is managed under the same company which means we can keep the level of quality second to none.

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