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We’re a family-owned company with humble beginnings. Our founder came to Canada 20 years ago as proud immigrants and began to contribute to our new community. It was during this time that he discovered his passion for development – and a simple understanding; that a home is more than four walls and a roof, is a place where people put down roots and create life-long memories.

Today, Westland’s CEO, Austin Zhang, carries this proud tradition in his heart. Working to build exceptional homes, Austin inherently understands the philosophy that Westland was founded on, adding a new level of enthusiasm to create development solutions that support a sustainable future. As a local developer, he takes pride in where he lives; he is proud of his heritage and his family’s new roots, and is dedicated to building homes that will leave a lasting legacy for their owners.



About Us


The Epicentre of Life
We believe that a home is more than a just comfortable place to live. That it represents an emotional foundation where your life unfolds, and your milestones are celebrated. Therefore we strive to create homes that will always be that foundation, a place that will be there for you through every stage of your life, give you comfort, security, and grow with you gracefully.


Enduring Elegance
At Westland, we understand the importance of building great homes and communities that are effortlessly functional, beautiful and will be cherished by generations to come. By personally overseeing every aspect of the development process and carefully managing every phase of building our homes, we ensure the attention to detail and the remarkable quality that we are proud of, gets built into every home.


A Foundation of Trust
Westland was founded on a tradition of commitment to hard work, craftsmanship, and value that is enduring. We strive to create homes that will be the emotional foundation for every stage of your life, giving you comfort and security while growing gracefully with you. The communities we create and every home we build are designed to blend timeless elegance and traditional craftsmanship with the latest innovative technology to elevate your lifestyle in every sense.

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