Western Construction: A Real Estate Developer & Builder

The Western group of companies was established in 1985 to purchase, develop, construct and market real estate properties in the Greater Vancouver area. Western began as a residential property developer and builder, specializing in townhouse construction. In the late 1980’s, Western branched out into commercial, office and industrial projects and has been instrumental to the development of the well-known Aberdeen area in Richmond, B.C., having been responsible for the initiation and construction of the major shopping centers in this area. To-date, Western has completed a total of over $200 million worth of developments. Western’s projects have been successful because all projects must go through careful research and planning prior to launching. Western has also established good working relationships with city officials, marketing consultants, architects and engineers.

Western Construction

Western Construction

Western's Management Philosophy

Western’s primary goal is to construct a building that is functional, and satisfies both investors and end-users. Maximizing the developer’s profit becomes a concern only after this first goal is met. Quality and cost control are key factors to the success of any project. In addition, Western has established a mandate to always adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Ensure that buildings are both structurally and aesthetically well-designed and built, and subject to high, uncompromising quality control standards.
  • Work only with qualified professionals who have a reputation for quality.
  • Focus our efforts solely in areas and on products that are within our realm of experience and expertise.
  • Stand behind all of our products and do whatever is necessary to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.


Source: Western Construction

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