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Vintop Development Corporation is founded based on the funding support from BEIJING ENTERPRISES MEDICAL AND HEALTH INDUSTRY GROUP LTD. to expand its oversea asset and to achieve geographic expansion. The corporation has extensive experiences in the development of over 100 million square feet of commercial, industrial, and residential projects internationally.

Our team’s foundation is built on the strong value of integrity, quality and trust. Our vision is to incorporate our competitive advantage into developing projects we would call HOME. Because we understand the challenge of finding a top-notch, affordable living space in the city, we see the true demand of quality homes with fair value at the right location. We are dedicated to build homes with urban locations, unique living spaces, elegant yet functional design and extraordinary value.

Being our first leading project in Canada, Ovation is Vintop’s first step to transform the neighborhood of New Westminster into a aspirational residential community. This project has enabled us to establish great relationships with local businesses and industry partners.

Vintop is committed to giving back to the community. With the support from the city of New Westminster, we have contributed 66 units of affordable living space to Performing Artist Lodge. Ovation is now not only an excellent investment opportunity, but also a home to the performing artists of our city.

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Vintop Development Corp

Vintop Development Corp

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