Southseas Developments: A Real Estate Developer & Builder

Over the past 12 years, South Seas Developments has grown to become one of the most recognized builders in BC.

A commitment to quality and homeowner satisfaction has set South Seas Developments for over 12 years. South Seas Developments and sister companies have built homes throughout lower mainland.

Southseas Developments

Southseas Developments

Our Promise to You

Empathize and Support – Lending you an ear and a positive solution that does right by you
Educate and inform – Warranties are complicated; let us easily explain the intricacies to arm you with knowledge
Communicate Effectively – Timely, concise and valuable information sharing
Be Open, Honest and Transparent – It’s core to our business spirit, building trust in all our processes
Resolve Fairly – While we always have your back, we are unbiased in our decision-making process
Focus on Mutual Success – We always look to find the best possible solution for all parties involved
Humanize and Personalize the Process – Above all, you are treated with respect, as an individual and not as a file number

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