Skyllen Pacific: A Real Estate Developer & Builder

Skyllen Pacific is a multi-disciplinary project management firm based in Vancouver. We focus on strategic planning and smart design to deliver high-quality, sustainable results.

OUR Services

Project Management
Skyllen Pacific boasts years of experience managing detached residential, mixed-use, and commercial projects. With hands-on experience from project inception to completion, Skyllen is well-informed with the entire development process and is qualified to provide relevant insight for all types of projects.

Marketing Solutions
High-impact branding, content creation, event planning, and social media marketing are fundamental to the success of every project. Proficient in executing multiple facets of marketing, Skyllen Pacific is confident in tailoring appropriate marketing strategies to exceed project timelines and goals.

Visual Design
Skyllen Pacific designs solutions. Skyllen’s in-house team works closely with established industry partners to provide outstanding design services such as: interior design, digital design, print design, and more.

Skyllen Pacific

Skyllen Pacific

Our Vision

Skyllen Pacific is inspired by the evolving interpretations of urbanity and sustainability emerging from recent cityscapes. Valuing responsible investment, Skyllen champions sustainable practices during the management process to improve local infrastructure and public spaces.

Every Skyllen Pacific project involves thoughtful collaboration between project context and contemporary design. Engaging experienced industry professionals, Skyllen leverages progressive research and development methods to propel creative solutions into high-quality results.

An enriched life stems from innovative planning and design. Skyllen works with clients to transform ideas into actuality. The firm’s dedication to early blueprinting sets the template for innovation, leading to conscientiously planned projects that radiate eminent design and modern experience.

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