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We are a private company with real estate holdings in Western Canada. We are known for being entrepreneurial, with a strong operational competency, integrity and a long history of solid relationships. Our leadership team has partnered with significant public and private sector companies, on nearly every class of real estate – mixed-use, commercial, and residential. We are pleased to apply that experience to today’s urban environment.

We live in one of the best cities in the world. Urban real estate has experienced tremendous growth in demand, both for housing and for commercial space to host the fast-changing workforce. Within that landscape, there are plenty of opportunities – but we must discover them. At Serracan, we particularly like to work in locations with the regenerative power to change our neighbourhoods, and our cities, for the better.

Vancouver is an incredible place to live, but like many young and desirable cities, it faces real challenges as it grows. Our focus is on providing a variety of housing forms and creative work environments in projects that can be readily connected to diverse amenities and transportation options. We believe this approach will have a positive impact on our communities and city – for the long term.

This is our signature platform to design and develop residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects that address the unique opportunities and challenges of our city.

Serracan Properties

Serracan Properties


We have come to appreciate the profound value of taking all kinds of urban locations and transforming them into thriving civic, commercial, social, and residential hubs.

Over time, we have learned that there are no formulas for these kinds of projects. Every situation is different. Each has unique problems and, most importantly, its own untapped potential. To realize this potential, we make decisions efficiently, without bureaucratic delays, to facilitate business transactions for everyone’s benefit. Our process usually follows this sequence:

the urban sites with the most potential. Rezoning is often necessary. We are known in the industry for our successful track record of rezonings.

the masterplan that will most benefit the project and the community, with creative and flexible building and space design solutions that meet the needs of both residential and commercial occupants.

with the community using Serracan’s very robust and custom-tailored community consultation processes. The process achieves a positive balance between density and the economic, social and environmental improvements of the project and neighbourhood.

that will best enrich partners, residents, tenants, and the surrounding neighbourhood alike. We are known for hands-on deal-making acumen in our commercial leasing and development operations.

the community vision in the real world – and bring new energy and life to the site and neighbourhood.

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