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Rize is an intention, an aspiration, but most importantly an action: to uplift people by creating places that matter, while fiercely guarding against the commodification of our built environment. A responsibility we take seriously.

It’s why we resist the cookie cutter and avoid the tried-and-true. These things may reduce risk, but they don’t encourage diversity or vibrancy.



Our Principles

We believe that buildings shape life. They influence how we move and where we go today, tomorrow, and into the future. They are the foundations of community.

Distinct Design
Our developments must be thought-provoking, unique, and inspiring. We would like those living or working in our communities to have an emotional connection to the built environment and their community, resulting in a sense of place.

Functional Responsibility
Ideas are the easy part. Our dynamic design choices will not detract from the livability, constructibility or financial viability of our developments. Our innovation must be sensible and realistic.

Community Relevance
Our product must make the lives of local residents better, in some way. We invest time to ensure our product satisfies a need the local community is asking for and that our process is understood and valued by our greater community.

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