RDG Management Ltd: A Real Estate Developer & Builder

We see what others don’t and we make it happen.

It begins with a challenge. An insurmountable challenge that finds most lost in run-of-the-mill solutions. A challenge in a project that requires a carefully crafted solution to creatively harness the unique spirit of the space while maximizing potential. A vision, usually lofty, that leaves many questioning its fate. This is when our passion is truly ignited.

With our deep-rooted experience and our core values of integrity, collaboration and community, we craft a unique creative vision and inspire stakeholders and partners to guide our vision to reality. Striking a delicate balance: part craft, part science, part business. That’s our difference. You may not be able to put your finger on it. But when it combines with the quality, distinctiveness, and customer care we are known for, you will know.

You can feel the spirit of the place; that little spark of magic.

RDG Management Ltd

RDG Management Ltd

Our Values

Integrity, collaboration and community.

Guiding our decisions and our approach to crafting and managing creative development solutions for unique communities are our three core values of integrity, collaboration and community. These are integral to every relationship, behaviour and decision.


For us integrity means standing behind our word, our handshake, our promise. It means making hard decisions and having difficult conversations because we are unwilling to compromise our commitment to the trust others place in us. It always means that at the end of the day, we can rest our heads knowing we did the right thing. It’s the foundation of our pursuit of excellence.


The synergy that results from collaboration is nothing short of genius. Whether with a general contractor, government official, consulting team or within our own group, collaboration requires humility, respect and a clear direction so that we can harness its richness. Collaboration takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary.


Not one of us is alone. We are all part of a fabric much larger than ourselves and we believe that each of us has a responsibility to uphold the bonds that connect us. Whether it’s children, single parents or seniors, we believe that leaving a legacy of exceptional communities requires more than strong buildings, it requires a strength of spirit that only comes from helping those who need it.

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