Qualex-Landmark: A Real Estate Developer & Builder

Qualex-Landmark™ is a Vancouver-based development group that has been building boutique residences for over 20 years. Our portfolio is defined by quietly iconic residential communities, born out of our highly detailed approach to development.

From the fine details of the homes to the quality of homeowner care, we ensure each homeowner is exceptionally well taken care of every step of the way. We have built a philosophy of doing the right thing with a humanistic approach.



About Us

Our Vision
Rooted in a timeless tradition of excellence, with fresh eyes to the future, the Qualex-Landmark™ team is deeply committed to creating contemporary homes of enduring quality. No detail is too minor for consideration by the entire team. Each project brings a unique perspective on functionality, comfort, craftsmanship, and care, with the community in mind.

When it comes to creating the communities of tomorrow, our mandate is clear: to create projects with design, quality, and reputation that will stand the test of time.

Our Story
The Qualex-Landmark™ team is deeply rooted in the history of our founders. In 2002, Mohammed Esfahani and Reza Navabi, both successful developers, came together to form a truly complementary partnership of respect and symmetry. Together, they built a remarkable team, a culture of collaboration and a progression of award-winning projects.

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