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Our 5 Core Values

Integrity above all else. We are building a business based on relationships and trust. Its important that we respect our customers and we earn their respect.

Pride in Accomplishment. We will only build something we would live in. We uphold and surpass building standards.

Respect our Partners. Our subcontractors and tradespeople live in our community too and our reputation with them matters.

Full Transparency. Sometimes things will go wrong. We need to communicate and work with our partners and customers to develop the best solution.

Give Back. We care about our community and give back.

Parcel7 Homes

Parcel7 Homes

About Us

How do you start a development company?  There are many ways.  For us at Parcel7, we started by building one house in 2012. We knew our reputation meant everything and we put everything into this one home.

That first house in Chilliwack was our start. We did our job well, started our reputation and we continued to build a few more houses.  Within a few years, we had completed 15 houses and started our first 16 unit townhome complex.  Each one built with that same care. From there it was 14 more townhomes, 44 condos, and we continued on.

We didn’t have a lot of money when we started, so each home had to be built knowing that our reputation depended on it.  We slowly grew the company and today we are big enough to build small multi-family developments.

We haven’t forgotten where we came from.  We build with that same care and passion that we put into that first house.

Our goal is to be accessible developers.  Our customers aren’t numbers.  For Brock, he’s raising his family in Abbotsford and for Andrew he’s raised his children in Abbotsford.  We want to build with quality and with integrity.  We live in the community where we build.  We want to meet our customers around town, in the grocery stores, at our children’s sporting events and we want to be able to be proud of the work we have done for our customers.

We want to build homes that we ourselves would live in.

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