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NATURBANA PROPERTIES Inspired by Vancouver’s commitment to becoming “The Greenest City in the World” by 2020, Naturbana is driven by innovation, holistic design, and a collaborative approach to creating sustainable communities where people live in harmony with our natural surroundings to elicit happiness and wellbeing. Natura’s location adjacent the forest of Horn Creek Park is ideal for fulfilling this vision.

Naturbana Properties

Naturbana Properties

The Naturbana Approach

Our philosophy is simple: We give back more than we take… As a principle, we strive to exceed the expectations of our Community, Clients and Investors by fostering positive relationships that are always aimed at creating value. Value for our planet, value for our investors, value for our clients and the extended community.

We approach our projects in a very unique way: The very first consultant we engage with is an overall Sustainability Consultant that holistically guides and integrates the whole design and construction process from start to finish. In this way, we ensure that we are loyal to our mission and values.

Sustainable & Regenerative Design
We envision our projects considering the original site conditions. Through our holistic design process, we promote beauty, freedom, innovation and bring people closer to Nature. Our aim is to give more than we take.

Green Construction
We minimize our impact from construction by carefully selecting our locally sourced materials and recycling most of our waste. We consider the embodied energy of the construction process while selecting the right materials and constructive methods for each specific project.

Energy Efficiency
Our buildings are air-tight and built with superior construction quality to achieve high energy efficiency, making them both comfortable and inexpensive to operate. All our projects are Net Zero Energy Ready and we aim to be Net Positive Energy in the future.

Amenity Spaces
We provide unique amenity spaces that promote and enhance social interaction. We believe that a good building design contributes to the happiness and wellbeing of our occupiers.

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