MacLean Homes: A Real Estate Developer & Builder

Two Generations of Home-Building

It takes a lot of passion and know-how to build homes that feel special.

Thankfully, we’ve been building exceptional living spaces in BC since 1980. As a boutique, family-run business, we take on only a handful of meaningful projects every year. Over the decades we’ve accrued a stellar reputation as developers of future-focused, superior quality homes—and we’ve done it by making sure we give every project every ounce of our expertise.

MacLean Homes

MacLean Homes

About Us

We are Community Builders
Communities and homes should be enjoyed for generations. From residential and senior housing to commercial developments, we’ve been creating meaningful living spaces throughout BC for nearly forty years.

We Make Dreams Come True
Every new home begins with a vision. We work closely with our clients and award-winning architectural and design teams to bring that vision to life—and go beyond what’s expected.

Every project we take on is a collaboration of great minds, and our role as industry experts is to champion quality, craftsmanship and superior design.

We Value Community
We’re proud to call British Columbia home, and we want to help our communities thrive. As developers, we’re in a good position to make positive changes. A commitment to excellence is at the core of all our work, but building homes in Western Canada is something special for us.

We’re Future-Focused
There’s nothing more important than your home. That’s why we work with award-winning architects and interior designers on all of our projects. From elegant lobbies to practical floorplans to maximizing the longevity of a building, we are always looking for new ways to add value to your home life.

We also pay special attention to the way real people live, work, and play—that’s why we carefully select each location for our developments and make sure they’re close to parks, schools, shopping and recreation.

Featured Projects

Every new development deserves fresh ideas. But there are a few threads that tie all our projects together: energy-efficient design, and a fine balance between quality, affordability and innovation. Take a look at some of our featured projects, and see how we’ve put our expertise to work for homeowners throughout BC.

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