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LTO Developments Inc was founded by Loren and Tyler Ovington and is strongly anchored in a commitment to building a better future. Hailing from robust backgrounds and family histories in building and construction, Loren and Tyler have found a niche in Squamish by developing innovatively designed, high-performance multi-family homes.

LTO Developments is paving the way to shine a spotlight on Squamish as a leader in developing low carbon emission and disaster-resilient structures that will leave a legacy for future generations to follow. LTO has an exceptional ability to develop high-performance buildings, with low-impact construction materials and limited waste.

At LTO, we are not afraid to think outside the box in order to create extraordinary projects. We value integrity, commitment and quality and we accomplish this by always keeping wide-open lines of communication and full transparency with all of our clients and partners. We understand the importance of teamwork and are dedicated to ensuring that all members of our team, from client to sub-trades and everyone in between are happy and satisfied from pre-design to post-construction.

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LTO Developments

LTO Developments

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