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Leone Homes has achieved a reputation for building exceptional homes and communities. We believe a home is a reflection of who you are. Your sense of place, your sense of family. Building identities that suit our homeowners is our cornerstone. Whether this is your first home or your tenth, we are dedicated to each step of your journey. Make Leone Homes your choice. This is our pride your home.

Leone Homes

Leone Homes

Our Beliefs

A Home is an Identity
Home ownership is something special, because it involves so much of your personality to make the right decision. Everyone has a vision of their dream home. Why not make this vision a reality with us.

Quality is Paramount
It is our promise to deliver luxury. Our obsession to finding the right materials and finishes is a passion. We think of ways to go beyond, and deliver the best projects for the best communities.

The Art of Habitat
How things look and feel should be well thought. This is why we reserve the best craftsmanship for every project. The architecture, the interior design all must evoke a certain feeling. The final product is a beautiful canvas, this is the art of living Leone.

Investing is a Lifestyle
We want to protect the value of your homes year after year. Our approach to planning and building goes beyond the sale of the home. At Leone we look for ways in managing your interests and preserve your asset in the market.

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