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Integrated Development Services

With a proven track record of delivering successful projects, Kutak Development is a single source real estate development service. We offer full scope service from acquisition through permitting and construction to sales – with expertise in every facet.

Our Process & Methods

Kutak Development Services manages its projects through a specialized approach that has been systematically developed and proved over decades of real estate projects.
With decades of experience, KUTAK has developed a unique and proprietary management system. The Kutak Intelligence System (KIS) is a toolbox consisting of customized project analysis, in-house accounting, strategic planning, execution and management process that monitors projects from initiation to completion.

With extensive market experience, we use KIS to convert ideas into reality, guided by our core principles and shaped by the values of our clients.

Kutak Development Services Ltd

Kutak Development Services Ltd

About Us

To date, we have managed over $2 billion worth of residential and commercial assets. It’s a track record of success and a level of experience that has been built on a foundation of values, and at the core of everything we do:

We build trust with our clients and partners by managing risk and improving their bottom line.

We believe that relationships and reputation is our currency, and our profit is the result of our client and partner’s success.

We capitalize on opportunities within projects to produce durable, functional and beautiful buildings that provide value to our target customers.

Whether we are managing a multi-family development for a new developer or handling a masterplan community, our team is agile, responsive and efficient. Through a collaborative approach through all stages of the development cycle, we provide leadership, guidance and support to reach common goals.

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