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InHaus Development Ltd. is a sustainable developer based in the Vancouver area of British Columbia. We specialize in creating architecturally unique, high quality efficient homes & buildings that minimize ecological impact, and incorporate a long term vision for sustainable infill development and smart densification. Our focus is developing quality projects in emerging neighborhoods with fantastic amenities and walkable environments.

InHaus Development Ltd.

InHaus Development Ltd.

Developer and Builder

A Fresh Approach

​True efficiency & sustainability begins with thoughtful design. A sustainable approach to development goes well beyond the physical structure, materials and systems of the building. It encompasses all aspects of the future owner’s life and strives to improve the efficiency of how they lead their day to day lives. It also revolves around the principles of quality, planning, site & material selection, durability, energy efficiency and construction methodology. Embracing these principles means reducing the overall carbon footprint immensely, far more than simply reducing consumption of the physical structure.

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