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With more than thirty years of construction and development experience in Vancouver, Imani’s team has been involved in some of the most iconic buildings in the Lower Mainland – big, complex, city-defining projects. Today, we are applying that

understanding to new collections of homes across Metro Vancouver – design-focused homes, built for the people who will invest in and live in our city for the long term.

IMANI Development

IMANI Development

About IMANI Development

After all this time, we believe we have a clear vision of where Vancouver is going. Imani stands for the future of our city – a future founded on value to the homeowner, smarter design, and richer neighbourhoods. We’re proud to play a part in that.

It all begins with intentional design. We plan every detail – every floor plan, every garden, every tiny tech feature – with close attention to the needs of real individuals. Because we want our homes to work, and inspire you, throughout every aspect of your life.

We care about the community, and we build to nurture it. Our attention to design leads to living spaces that attract real residents – not just investors. And this, in turn, strengthens our neighbourhoods, and our city.

With three decades in development, Imani’s family-owned partners, Golden Globe Construction and Villa Roofing have played a part in many major building projects across the region. The building is second nature to us, and we are deeply knit into the Metro Vancouver cityscape.

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