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“At Headwater we are committed to enhancing our communities through the development and management of our properties. We understand our success will be measured in equal part by meeting the expectations of our customers and clients as well as the needs of the surrounding community.” Erin Gibault, President and Founder

Headwater Living

Headwater Living

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Here’s What Drives Us
Since 2008, we have pursued opportunities in strong neighbourhoods where we felt we could provide better homes and work spaces for everyone. We are motivated by human connection and get up every day to better our communities; to serve them in a positive way. We go through a rigorous process of public consultation and collaboration to ensure that our thoughtful project planning, development and property management effects meaningful change that creates a better experience for all.


Here’s How We Work
We believe in boldly taking opportunities and working together to build our future. It’s how we grow strong communities—and a reputable company—in this competitive real estate environment.

Our team is made up of forward-thinking, passionate people who take pride in developing solid, honest relationships with home owners, tenants, contractors, colleagues and business partners.

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