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Inspired by the Vancouver landscape, Green Oak Development creates contemporary and timeless properties that complement the City. We breathe life into every project by treating every space like our own; paying delicate attention to the small intricacies that turn a house into a home. Specializing in luxury estates, mixed-use complexes and multi-family residences, we build lasting architecture without disturbing Vancouver’s celebrated heritage. Our personal commitment to our clients and community guarantees the preservation of Vancouver’s culture and the longevity of the Green Oak family, brand and story.

Green Oak Development

Green Oak Development

About Us

The Green Oak Showroom is a centre of unlimited creative leeway and exposure. Visit our Showroom and learn about projects, meet developers individually, and experience all the potential of your sacred place.

Family, food and relaxation are essential to every Green Oak Home and the proof lies in our concepts and designs. We create open floor plans, rich dining areas, and inviting atmospheres that captivate the senses.
Your home must always enhance your life.

The relationship with our clients extends beyond buying and selling. Playing a pivotal role in the design of every project, Green Oak clients are a part of our family and process. Much like our team, they share an appreciation for modern designs and European craftsmanship.

We merge the timeless beauty of yesterday with the innovative concepts of today to create style that lasts for generations. We seek new solutions for age-old questions and reimagine classic concepts to fit our changing world. Your life is the combination of now and then, so are our creations.

Green Oak Development’s biggest asset is the team of highly experienced professionals working on each project in line with the vision and goals of the company.

We believe true luxury is about meaningful experiences, not pretentiousness and expense. Moments enjoyed with others and the right bottle of wine are more than just the details of a given day, but the essence of life. Luxury is the discovery of craftsmanship, beauty, and time in a place that feels like home.

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