Epta Development Corporation: A Real Estate Developer & Builder

Epta Development Corporation is a family-owned, progressive, vertically integrated award-winning real estate development firm and residential homebuilder, focused on creating innovative and successful communities. Epta is committed to supporting these communities through sustainable and authentic development practices.

Our values as a family business are an extension of the values that form the fabric of the communities where we seek out opportunity. We build for future generations to live, work and play close to home.

Epta’s community partners can expect an open, transparent and enterprising partner committed to fair development practices that create jobs and economic growth and that enhance our local environments through strategic planning.


Seven members of our family are at the heart of Epta Development Corporation. Epta, meaning sevenfold in Greek, represents the seven time-tested values at the very core of everything we do.

These values form the commitment we make to everyone with whom we work, including our customers.


Epta Development Corporation

Epta Development Corporation

About Epta Development Corporation


Our roots in the business community reach back several decades. Epta is the culmination of opportunity and hard work in equal measure, built on the family values that have made us who we are today.

Our story is one of entrepreneurship and a passion for creating new and exciting opportunities from a humble beginning that started with the immigration of our founder Bill Tsakumis from Greece to Canada in the 1960s.

Bill and his brothers quickly adapted to Canadian society and embraced its entrepreneurial spirit – first in the restaurant industry and later in what would become Bill’s passion: real estate investment.


Our approach to real estate development is focused on the importance of family and family values. The values that we hold as a family are the foundation of our business. Our focus is on creating quality living spaces that will last for generations – functional spaces that are both highly livable and within reach.

Our goal is to build legacy projects that bring pride to both ourselves and our homeowners. These are buildings that stand the test of time and that are both timeless and current.

We like to envision a place where a neighbourly hello is an everyday occurrence and where the streets are alive with a welcoming sense of community. More than just a collection of houses, these are homes for real people and real families like yours and ours.

There is more to making a house a home than just concrete and construction materials. A home can’t be measured by area or by fit and finish. It can only be measured by the people that live within its walls and the experiences they share and the memories they create. That is what truly makes any house worthy of the title home.

To that end, we make every effort to build homes by keeping in mind the people that will be occupying these spaces both today and in the years to come. We create functional spaces that inspire, offering the opportunity to celebrate your life in a community that exemplifies West Coast living at its finest: refined, luxurious and truly a wonderful place to call home.

We know there is no shortage of choice when it comes to buying a new home, and we thank you for considering us. We understand that decisions regarding your home and family are the most important ones you will make.

From our family to yours, welcome home.

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