Ecogen Properties Ltd: A Real Estate Developer & Builder

Ecogen Properties was formed by a group of companies to “Build it right”. Ecogen strives to establish itself throughout the Metro Vancouver region as a full spectrum construction management and services company.

The secret of our success lies in evolution and adaptability we are continuously refining and improving our processes. Every project yields lessons learned, resulting in smarter decisions and building efficiency into the framework of who we are.

Our depth of experience builds true confidence and makes us bold in the face of challenges. Delivering superior service, exceptional results, and unmatched employee and client satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success.

Ecogen Properties Ltd

Our corporate keystones

Focus. Our customers have always been our priority. Even as we grow, we never lose focus on providing
each customer the personal touch they deserve.

Experience. We offer a unique perspective and approach to all of the projects we undertake.

Employees. All of our employees are fully trained and each worker is a dedicated specialist in his field.
We have a full staff of supervisors who are assigned solely to the task of supervising.

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