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Over the last 48 years, Boffo Developments has built a solid reputation and a loyal following. We’ve achieved this by designing and building homes for a truly exceptional homeowner experience. An obsession for detail is inherent in every Boffo home, and our disciplined attention to design results in a very unique brand of liveability.

Every Boffo community is built intentionally, with a long-term legacy in mind – not just our own, but for that of our homeowners. To protect that legacy, we continue to care for our buildings long after they are built – as everything we build is a reflection of who we are.

Boffo Developments Ltd

Boffo Developments Ltd

About Boffo Developments Ltd

Making it memorable
At Boffo Developments, our passion is to create much more than a home, but rather memorable landmarks within our communities. As home builders, we believe that “form” possesses the transcendent ability to reveal the true character of our built product. We are driven to create multi-sensorial experiences that begin with form as their foundation, and to use timeless architecture and craftsmanship to create sculptural movement through both form and space. At Boffo, creating the modern home is about an experience of the senses.

Taking pride in craftsmanship

We take great pride in creating distinct design concepts within the homes we build. From custom lighting to elegant closet solutions – we’re constantly looking for moments of inspiration within the living experience to merge our creativity and design to the craft of homebuilding. It is our hope that our concepts help to shape and define how our homeowners live, to deliver experiences unique to a Boffo home.

Thoughtfully curating every detail

Style is about simplicity and the subtle perfection of details. Our journey to bring these elements to life has become an obsession. Every detail is both tailored and thoughtfully measured to create a level of style that elevates our living experiences from a mere trends into refined classicism. We curate a foundation for our living spaces while providing our homeowners latitude for their own self-expression.

A refined palate for creation

As passionate home builders, we’ve spent the past 45 years expanding and refining the approach to our work. Truly the heart of the home, Boffo’s signature kitchens have evolved to enable family to come together and connect through food. Designed for the serious chef, our gourmet-inspired spaces have the perfect synergy of craftsmanship and style – sure to fuel one’s epicurean creativity.

Considering life’s everyday moments

Starting with the finest natural materials and finishes available, we’ve spent decades crafting tangible moments within our living experiences that embody our everyday touchpoints with pure joy and emotion. “Experience Boffo” is our invitation to engage and appreciate the quality and tactility of every element, surface and form within our homes.

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