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At Belford we employ a unique approach to development in the Lower Mainland. Our company is a representation of the past and the exciting future of this amazing and emerging international energy centre. We know the Lower Mainland for what it is: an incredible melting pot of people, culture, acceptance, safety, stability, nature and clean air.

Every detail and idea contributes to a bigger master vision of how to build strong and safe communities. The master vision is not ours. It is the work of city, park and transit planners, community groups, architects and builders; professionals who have dedicated their working lives to the goal of building better cities, neighbourhoods, and homes. To be a small part of shaping the future positively is what drives our efforts.

Belford Properties

Belford Properties

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We build in neighbourhoods we ourselves would want to live. We consider current infrastructure and amenity, and carefully look at factors that will make it a better place in the future.

We strive to make every product we build, from single-family homes to multi-family towers, an extension of the very best and most diligent building practices. We expect and strive for excellence daily.

Real security doesn’t come from cameras and alarms. Real security comes from a variety of factors: the comfort of home, the interaction of neighbours, friendly streets, and public spaces. We take great consideration to ensure these traits are included in our developments.

We strive to build homes to the highest standards and timeless design so that homeowners and communities can grow and progress together.

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