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Atti Group is, at its heart, a family business. Every client and staff member is treated like part of the family. What began as a small construction company has evolved into a steadily growing development concern with over $300 million in managed projects. By harnessing our positivity and integrity, our experts consistently go beyond all expectations. We insist on complete transparency in our business dealings, ensuring the highest levels of respect and trust.

Timeless Communities
Finding and developing the right piece of property is always a crucial step in the Atti Group process. The ability to seamlessly integrate our projects into an established neighbourhood is an art and a necessity; a winning combination of design, foresight and planning. Whether a project is a bold, modern statement or more traditional in nature, it’s imperative that it fits harmoniously within its surroundings. Capturing both the spirit and the energy of a particular street and city are paramount to our vision.

Impeccable Design, Built to Last
Craftsmanship is a concept often lost in the fog of modern real estate development. For Atti Group, craftsmanship and attention to detail are the guiding principles for all of our projects. World class architects, gifted interior design teams and industry-leading artisans all combine to place Atti Group properties a cut above the rest. Every decision, each detail is carefully and tastefully made to create a more inviting and more livable home.

Atti Group

Atti Group

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Atti Group Services

Atti Group provides expert development, contracting and management services. Our vast experience on all different types of projects allows us to see opportunities for value-based improvements and greater efficiencies. We give all our clients the personal touch of a boutique firm while allowing our experience to dictate the best answers for any situation.

Development Management

Working together with the local city councils is something Atti Group excels at. We have a knack for presenting our vision with absolute clarity, allowing the governmental decision makers to see the benefits of all our projects. Site and Operational Planning are like a recipe for construction success. It’s vital to think of all contingencies well in advance so that there are no surprises during the construction phase. Our Development Management service is executed through the following:

  • Conceptual Costing
  • Value Engineering
  • Construction Methods Planning
  • Site Procurement
  • Material Procurement Planning
  • Construction Planning
  • Obtaining Development & Building Permits
  • Appointing & Managing Consultant Team
  • Contract Tendering and Negotiation

General contracting

Atti Group provides General Contracting services to other developers. By keeping a firm grip on cost, quality and schedule controls, all building targets are met in a timely, fiscally responsible manner. Atti Group has the experience and the discipline to make all the parts fit into a unified finished product. General Contracting by Atti Group includes:

  • Materials Budgeting
  • Time and Manpower management
  • Cost Controls
  • Minimal Change Orders
  • Schedule Controls
  • Safety Management
  • Status Reporting
  • Quality Controls

Construction Management

All building projects have incredible challenges that need to be met with a decisive guiding hand. Atti Group takes construction management to the next level. We view our construction management work through the eyes of a developer, always searching for ways to add value for our clients. Involving ourselves from the beginning, we hire the right consultants, get creative marketing teams on-board and give the necessary guidance with every phase of each project. Construction Management executed by Atti Group includes:

  • Value-add Approach
  • Open-book Policy
  • Overseeing Tendering Process
  • Site Planning
  • Scheduling People and Material


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