Asia Standard Americas: A Real Estate Developer & Builder

Asia Standard Americas is redefining luxury on the west coast with its award-winning collaborations.

Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Asia Standard Americas is the North American subsidiary of Asia Standard International Group (ASI), a publicly traded real-estate development company founded in Hong Kong in 1984.

We envision exceptionally well-crafted, world-class homes and collaborate with diverse and talented professionals, including world-renowned architects, interior designers and consultants. Together, we push the boundaries of architectural design and celebrate the city’s supernatural surroundings.

Asia Standard Americas

Asia Standard Americas

Our Commitment

We are proud leaders of sustainable architectural practice and design. At the forefront of this effort, 1468 Alberni will be the world’s tallest and biggest Passive House with near zero emissions. This project will dramatically reduce the building’s operational energy consumption and carbon emissions. It will also set new green standards for high-rise developments in the future. At the Empire Landmark Hotel, we are using state-of-the-art remote technology in the demolition to minimize disruption and maximize sustainability and efficiency.

Together with a world-class team of experienced consultants, we develop unique strategies for constructing environmentally considerate, sustainable high-rise buildings. We collaborate with local municipalities to foster and improve building standards to be more sustainable, commercially viable, and forward-thinking.

We firmly believe in the power of knowledge. This is why we engage with local institutions, such as the University of British Columbia, to provide a superior and open learning environment at our project sites.

At the Empire Landmark Hotel, vibration tests were conducted by the Department of Civil Engineering at UBC. The research and tests will be used to measure how the building moves and responds to different vibrations. This is essential in developing our collective understanding of how earthquakes affect high-rise concrete buildings, especially at the foundation level.

1468 Alberni will also engage similar institutions to educate, learn from and collaborate with other forward-thinking engineers, architects and designers.

As detail-oriented innovators, we are constantly pushing boundaries on the relationships between creativity, functionality and design.

The interior design at Landmark on Robson is the unprecedented work of the masterful and internationally sought-after Japanese designer-architect, Koichiro Ikebuchi of Atelier Ikebuchi. His interior designs showcase a rare attention to detail, elegance and ambiance in every living space. Ikebuchi’s meticulous designs at Landmark on Robson celebrate the building’s spectacular natural surroundings.

Source: Asia Standard Americas

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