Altos Properties Corporation: A Real Estate Developer & Builder

Altos is a real estate development company that strives to change the landscape of affordable properties in the Lower Mainland.

With over 13 years of experience, Altos started as a family-owned business that built on the strength of its people and expertise in craftsmanship. We are committed to delivering modern and design-driven homes with an emphasis on creating a sense of community. Our primary focus is to bring affordable and functional living space to homeowners, without any comprise on quality.

In combining our pursuit of sustainability, we are investing in the future and building for life.

Altos Properties Corporation

Altos Properties Corporation

Our Approach

We have the vision to create spaces that defy the norm, with a dedication towards modern living, innovation and modern design, while creating value for owners and users.

We strongly believe that considered design can not only enhance liveability and lifestyles but can also make a positive contribution and impact to the natural environment and the surrounding community.

Source: Altos Properties Corporation

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