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Alpha Beta Developments is one of the Lower Mainland’s most deeply rooted and respected community builders with generations of experience flowing through its veins. As an established developer since 1991, you can go anywhere across the Lower Mainland and find homes built by Alpha Beta. Whether it’s in Vancouver, the North Shore, Surrey, Burnaby, Coquitlam, or Maple Ridge, Alpha Beta has left its mark throughout BC’s vast and gorgeous landscape. A marriage of style and the city’s natural beauty have helped Alpha Beta Developments shape the identity of life on the West Coast.

Alpha Beta Developments

Alpha Beta Developments

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Our Values
Alpha Beta understands that you expect reliability and durability when bringing a design to life. Alpha Beta has been a leader in creating high quality developments that exceed building standards, making sure that they will stand the test of time for ages to come. The high level of care put into everything we do will give you the peace of mind that your potential home and community are in good hands.

At Alpha Beta, we understand that your family’s foundation starts with a place that you can call your own; your home is your castle, and we build everything knowing that a reliable, stable space is one of the most important things for your family. We don’t just create a space for life to flourish indoors; we cater to more than just our clients, because we see the value in supporting the growth of the communities within which we build.

Our Vision
Alpha Beta doesn’t build houses; Alpha Beta builds homes .We don’t construct buildings; we create spaces that contribute to the core of the community. A healthy, vibrant community is built on diversity and cultural depth that resonates with its members. Alpha Beta is committed to complementing established communities by considering the environment, the feel of a neighbourhood, and by nourishing the social roots already in place.

What sets Alpha Beta apart is our grasp of the vibe of each city within which we build. When a project is slated for a conservative area, Alpha Beta tailors the plan to give the project a tighter, cleaner feel; when we build in eclectic neighbourhoods we know that the vibrant cultural community and bevy of lifestyle options will welcome a more varied style. Alpha Beta listens before acting, and we strive to fully understand the pulse of a community. We work to strengthen a culture with structures that fit and make sense.

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