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Consultation, collaboration and craftsmanship; doing what’s right and not what’s expedient; paying attention to detail; respecting our environment; refusing to compromise on quality; and delivering what was promised.

Allaire Living

Allaire Living

About Allaire Living

Our Family to Your Family
After decades in the development and construction industry, I founded Allaire in 2008. Since then, two of my sons have joined me in the business, so it really is one family building for other families.

As Allaire, we’ve built living and working spaces all over the Lower Mainland. That’s 254 completed residences comprising many thousands of square feet—and we’re proud of every single square inch of those square feet.

And we’ll be just as proud of the 200 residences we’re in the process of completing.

West Coast Balance
The thing about balance is that we all have to work at it. We’re constantly in motion, shifting things around, putting more or less weight on one or another part of our lives. It’s where we live vs. how we live, security vs. adventure, work vs. play.

Understanding these competing interests leads Allaire to conceive and create places that allow our homeowners to reach an equilibrium unique to BC — west coast balance.

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