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Celebrating 50 Years
We believe that the little things matter; that an appreciation for how we live is the foundation of why we Live West Coast. At Adera, we know that the environment, family and communities are inextricably linked, and we all have the responsibility of building a better future. In order to provide a secure future for our families, our customers and those who make our community whole, we are committed to finding better ways to build.

Now, doing what we do best – we are taking the trust we’ve built in creating multi-family units, and applying it to our endless pursuit to construct high-quality products. As experts in the industry, Adera continues to build more time-tested and award-winning spaces that speak to the heightened confidence in our brand. Over the past 50 years, we’ve remained dedicated to our values – innovation, partnership, sustainability and passion. These core beliefs help guide us as we generously give to the place we call home and impactfully change the landscape we’re a part of.

Better than anyone, we honour our roots by respecting the future; we consider the next generation and our environment as we perfect the art of wood building to construct healthier, stronger and more beautiful buildings.



Our Story

Adera Townhomes & Condos – Our Story

As one of BC’s leading multi-disciplinary real estate organizations and 50 years of experience, Adera has built a world-class portfolio that includes the development of more than 10,000 homes, townhomes, condos, and over 4 million square feet of commercial space.

LIVE WEST COAST calls to action the special, hip, full-spectrum lifestyle made available to all of us who call this place home. Our geography, cultural diversity, clement weather, and immense stunning natural resources provide an infinite opportunity for each and every one of us. You, our customers, and our Adera family all have a different story based on these same elements of life here on the West Coast. Each one is unique. Each story inspires us in our personal daily effort.

Taking the lead and setting a new standard through innovative design and sustainable features to help ease your busy life.

Adera Cares
People. Homes. Communities. Striving towards a new understanding of sustainability.

i.D. By Me
Adera’s signature home personalization program that gives you freedom to express your unique personal identity.

Most Personalized Home Ownership
Our goal is to provide you with the most personalized West Coast home experience while considering the impact our homes have on Mother Earth.

People First
You inspire us. Every Adera project carefully considers your unique story and it’s our mission that our homes are a central part in making that story better.

50 Years Building Trust
Rely on Adera as we maintain our focus on the importance of building homes, communities, trust, and respect while providing quality, integrity and exceptional customer service.

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