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  • If you a seller interested in assigning your presale booked condo, townhome, or a detached home – contact us below with the details. We will advertise it free on our web portal and find you potential buyers.
  • If you are an agent interested in selling your client’s presale on assignment, advertise on our portal and reach to 50,000+ monthly website visitors. We will also forward your listing to our huge database of clients.

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What is an Assignment of Contract?

In a residential real estate assignment, the original buyer of a Presale unit assigns their rights to a new buyer before the completion on that sale. A presale unit can be a condo, a townhome, or a detached single-family home. It is also sometimes called “Resale of a Presale”.

The Seller of an assignment is called the Assignor and the Buyer of an Assignment is the Assignee.

Listings Nearby helps you in buying or selling a presale unit on assignment. We have all the required tools, experience, and network to help you in buying or selling a new construction home unit on assignment.

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