5 Tips for A Safer Home

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As a homeowner, we live in the comfort and security of our own warm new home in Langley, but it can be easy to simply forget how many potential hazards still exist around us. Creating a safe environment where your family can thrive without worry is a top priority. False senses of security, such as only a fire alarm, likely make homeowners feel completely secured if an emergency arises. Naturally, as the first line of defense, using your common sense such as looking through the peephole before opening the door or being aware around strangers can be a greater start. By consulting with these simple extra tricks below, you can be one step closer to a home with maximum security.

1. Window and Door Locks

Door Locks

A simple way to protect your home and family from intruders is to thoroughly ensure each lock on exterior windows and doors is in good working condition. Having steel outdoor doors and deadbolts can prove to be the best security for your home. Additionally, having strong and multiple locks and/or alarms on your windows and doors can discourage burglars from entering your home.

If your home has many French-style windows, large patio doors/windows, or many windows and doors in general it can be very expensive to alarm every single entry/exit point. A quick and simple trick to avoid breakage into your home is to use pipes/dowels to ensure no window or door can be opened from the outside. To take advantage of this trick, cut steel pipes or dowels to the approximate length so it fits into the sliding space of the door or window railing.

2. Outdoor protection

Outdoor protection

A great way to minimize intruders from entering your home is to limit the number of dark areas around your home. Trim down bushes and trees which could be possible hiding spaces and install simple or motion censored lights in unavoidable dark areas. Floodlights and lit up entryways are also a great bet, but make sure to check for fused bulbs regularly. Another great idea is to keep the perimeter around the house clear meaning don’t have piles of unwanted stuff or large furniture outside which a burglar can use to their advantage. The same also applies for tools and equipment which are sharp and could be used as weapons.

3. Smart home Security technology

Smart home Security technology

A great way to keep your whole home safe is by using smart home security measures. We have always used traditional lock systems which can be used with a key, but smart locks allow you to open doors without a key. They range from many types but the most common are pin-pad locks or smartphone synced locks. As for a security system, these can be both monitored or unmonitored, and come with a variety of features. Some can produce loud alarms which alert surrounding neighbours or can be silent and secretly alert the emergency responders when broken into.

4. A home safe

A home safe

Having a home safe can be a great way to ensure your previous valuables are safe from intruders. Whether it’s the size of a drawer or a whole room, it is a safe place to store important papers, photos, money, and jewellery items. Building a home safe in an unconventional place like the attic laundry room can also prove to be a benefit as burglar may not expect to find something valve in those rooms.

5. Don’t tell the whole world

Dont tell the whole world

A common-sense safety measure is to not announce your complete holidays plan on social media to avoid potential thieves from entering your home but there are also other ways homeowners unintentionally announce personal information to the outside world. One big mistake homeowners make is to leave windows and belong doors open to the public which allows the public to peek inside and look at what valuables are in the room. Makes sure you have drapes or curtains covering your windows and doors especially in rooms such as a theatre where expensive items such as televisions, art and collectables can be seen from the outside. Another common mistake, especially around the winter holidays, is to mindlessly throw out the trash. Break down those boxes and rip up the price tags to avoid accidentally advertising the new tv you revived and other expensive items to prying eyes.









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